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12. dilwala dilwala is a marathi language film that tells us the story of a village boy who gets the chance to pursue his dream of becoming a doctor. the film was directed by basu chatterjee and stars rajendra prasad and shraddha nigam in the lead roles. dilwala is a simple marathi film that revolves around the love story of a village boy and the girl from the village where he grew up. dilwala happens to be a sequel to the telugu language film dilwala that was directed by b.v. karanjia in 1995.

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12. ramleela the best marathi nataks are always based on a historical theme. this time its the famous ramleela. this marathi natak is based on the legendary ramayana as told by the great poet tulsidas in his famous poem ramacharitamanas. the play is based on the plot of rama and sita. the play will be showing in the weekend of the 6th to the 10th of september. this play will be at the sant gadge baba auditorium. this marathi play is sure to take you back in time and put a smile on your face.

13. pati patni pati patni is a tragic marathi play that tells the tale of a poor man. his wife has died and he has only one son. he decides to send him to school, but the school is just a scam. soon after he loses everything. he wants to commit suicide and then his son shubham comes into the picture. he promises his dad to give him all his wealth one day, but what will happen? you have to watch the show to find out! this play is based on the situation in our country. a lot of our countrymen suffer from being cheated by their friends and family. so what are you waiting for? watch the tragedy unfold. get ready for a roller coaster ride. you ll definitely be in for a treat!


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