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Eat Bulaga's Coffee Table Book: A Must-Have for Every Fan of Philippine Television

Eat Bulaga Coffee Table Book Download: A Must-Have for Every Dabarkads

If you are a fan of Philippine television, you probably know Eat Bulaga, the longest-running noontime show in the country. For more than three decades, Eat Bulaga has been entertaining millions of Filipinos with its fun and innovative segments, its talented and charismatic hosts, and its heartwarming and generous public service. Whether you grew up watching Tito, Vic, and Joey, or you are a new follower of Alden, Maine, and Wally, you surely have your own favorite moments and memories of Eat Bulaga.

Eat bulaga coffee table book download

But did you know that you can relive those moments and memories in a more tangible and lasting way? Yes, you can, with Eat Bulaga's coffee table book, a special publication that celebrates the show's legacy and achievements. A coffee table book is a large, hardcover book that contains high-quality photos and illustrations, usually on a specific topic or theme. It is meant to be displayed on a coffee table or a similar surface, where guests can browse through it casually. It is also a great way to showcase one's interests and passions.

Eat Bulaga's coffee table book is titled Eat Bulaga: Ang Unang Tatlong Dekada, which means Eat Bulaga: The First Three Decades. It was launched in 2011, as part of the show's 30th anniversary celebration. It contains hundreds of photos and stories that document the history and evolution of Eat Bulaga, from its humble beginnings in 1979 to its phenomenal success in 2011. It features all the hosts, segments, guests, events, awards, and milestones that made Eat Bulaga what it is today: a beloved institution and a cultural phenomenon.

If you are curious about what's inside this amazing book, or if you want to get your own copy or download it online, then read on. In this article, we will tell you everything you need to know about Eat Bulaga's coffee table book: how to get it, what to expect from it, and how to enjoy it. Whether you are a loyal dabarkads (a term for Eat Bulaga's fans) or a casual viewer, you will surely find something to love and appreciate in this book. So, let's get started!

How to get a copy of Eat Bulaga's coffee table book?

There are two ways to get a copy of Eat Bulaga's coffee table book: you can either buy it or download it. Here are the details of each option:

Where to buy it and how much does it cost?

Eat Bulaga's coffee table book is exclusively sold at the TAPE Inc. office, located at 79 Xavierville Avenue, Xavierville Subdivision, Loyola Heights, Quezon City. TAPE Inc. is the production company behind Eat Bulaga, and it stands for Television and Production Exponents. You can contact them at (632) 426-6423 to 28 to inquire about the availability and reservation of the book.

The book comes in two editions: hardbound and paperback. The hardbound edition costs Php 2,000, while the paperback edition costs Php 1,500. Both editions have the same content and quality, but the hardbound edition has a more durable and elegant cover. The book measures 12 x 12 inches and weighs about 2 kilograms. It has 256 pages of glossy paper and full-color printing.

How to download it online and what are the benefits of digital version?

If you prefer a digital version of Eat Bulaga's coffee table book, you can download it online from their official website: You will need to register an account and pay a one-time fee of Php 500 to access the download link. You can pay via credit card, PayPal, or GCash. Once you have paid, you will receive an email confirmation with the download link. You can then download the book as a PDF file and save it on your device.

The benefits of downloading the book online are: you can get it instantly, you can save on shipping costs, you can view it on any device, you can zoom in and out of the photos and text, you can print it if you want, and you can share it with your friends and family. However, the digital version may not have the same feel and impact as the physical version, especially if you want to display it or flip through it.

What are the highlights and trivia of Eat Bulaga's coffee table book?

Now that you know how to get a copy of Eat Bulaga's coffee table book, you might be wondering what's inside it. Well, we won't spoil everything for you, but we will give you a sneak peek of some of the highlights and trivia that you can find in the book. Here they are:

How did the book project start and who are the people behind it?

The idea of making a coffee table book for Eat Bulaga started in 2006, when TAPE Inc. released a limited edition CD titled Eat Bulaga Silver Special, which contained audio clips of memorable moments from the show's first 25 years. The CD was given away for free to lucky studio audience members during Eat Bulaga's silver anniversary celebration. The positive feedback from the fans inspired TAPE Inc. to create a more comprehensive and visual tribute to Eat Bulaga's legacy.

The book project took five years to complete, from conceptualization to publication. It involved a team of writers, editors, researchers, photographers, graphic artists, layout designers, printers, and publishers. The main writer and editor of the book was Noel Ferrer, a well-known entertainment columnist and TV host. He was assisted by other writers such as Gorgy Rula, Aster Amoyo, Jojo Gabinete, Lhar Santiago, Nelson Canlas, Lhar Santiago, and Pia Guanio. The main photographer of the book was Raymund Isaac, a renowned fashion and celebrity photographer. He was joined by other photographers such as Mark Nicdao, Jun de Leon, Ronnie Salvacion, Manny Garcia, Bobot Meru ,and Filemon Agustin Jr.

What are some of the rare and exclusive photos and stories in the book?

The book contains hundreds of photos that capture the essence and evolution of Eat Bulaga over three decades. Some of these photos are never before seen by the public, such as behind-the-scenes shots, candid moments, personal collections ,and archival materials. Some of these photos are also accompanied by stories that reveal interesting facts and anecdotes about Eat Bulaga's hosts ,segments ,guests ,events ,awards ,and milestones.

For example, did you know that Eat Bulaga was originally titled Lunch Date? It was changed to Eat Bulaga because the producers thought it was more catchy and unique. Did you know that Eat Bulaga's first studio was at the RPN Channel 9 compound in Broadcast City? It moved to different locations over the years, such as Celebrity Sports Plaza, Broadway Centrum, and APT Studios. Did you know that Eat Bulaga's first hosts were Chiqui Hollman and Richie Reyes, also known as Richie D' Horsie? They were later joined by Tito Sotto, Vic Sotto, Joey de Leon, and other hosts who became part of the Eat Bulaga family.

These are just some of the rare and exclusive photos and stories that you can find in Eat Bulaga's coffee table book. You will also discover how Eat Bulaga created some of its iconic and popular segments, such as Little Miss Philippines, Bulagaan, Pinoy Henyo, Laban o Bawi, Kalyeserye ,and Juan for All, All for Juan. You will also learn how Eat Bulaga featured some of its memorable and influential guests, such as Dolphy, Nora Aunor, Sharon Cuneta ,and Manny Pacquiao. You will also witness how Eat Bulaga celebrated some of its remarkable and historic events, such as its silver and pearl anniversaries, its Guinness World Records ,and its charity and outreach programs.

How does the book showcase the evolution and achievements of Eat Bulaga over three decades?

The book is divided into three parts, each representing a decade of Eat Bulaga's history. The first part covers the years 1979 to 1989, when Eat Bulaga was still a young and fresh show that introduced new concepts and formats to Philippine television. The second part covers the years 1990 to 1999, when Eat Bulaga faced some challenges and changes that tested its resilience and adaptability. The third part covers the years 2000 to 2011, when Eat Bulaga reached new heights of success and popularity that cemented its status as a legendary and influential show.

In each part, the book highlights the achievements and milestones of Eat Bulaga in terms of ratings ,awards ,recognition ,and impact. The book also shows how Eat Bulaga evolved with the times and technologies ,from analog to digital ,from terrestrial to satellite ,from local to global. The book also illustrates how Eat Bulaga maintained its core values and principles ,such as family ,friendship ,fun ,faith ,and service.

How to enjoy and appreciate Eat Bulaga's coffee table book?

Eat Bulaga's coffee table book is not just a collection of photos and stories. It is also a source of joy and inspiration for every dabarkads who loves Eat Bulaga. Here are some tips on how to enjoy and appreciate this book:

How to use it as a conversation starter and a source of entertainment?

One way to enjoy this book is to use it as a conversation starter and a source of entertainment. You can display it on your coffee table or a similar surface where your guests can see it and browse through it. You can then share your thoughts and opinions about the book with them. You can also quiz them on some trivia or facts about Eat Bulaga that you learned from the book. You can also play some games or challenges based on the book's content, such as guessing the names of the hosts or segments ,or acting out some scenes or dialogues.

How to learn from it and be inspired by it?

Another way to enjoy this book is to learn from it and be inspired by it. You can read it carefully and attentively ,and take note of the lessons and insights that you can get from it. You can also reflect on how Eat Bulaga has influenced your life or shaped your personality. You can also admire the hard work and dedication of the people behind Eat Bulaga ,and how they overcame obstacles and achieved their goals. You can also emulate their positive attitude and values ,such as being humble ,grateful ,generous ,and happy.

How to share it and spread the love for Eat Bulaga?

A third way to enjoy this book is to share it and spread the love for Eat Bulaga. You can lend it or give it to your friends and family who are also fans of Eat Bulaga ,or who want to know more about it. You can also post some photos or reviews of the book on your social media accounts ,and tag Eat Bulaga or use their official hashtags. You can also join some online communities or forums where you can discuss the book with other dabarkads. You can also recommend the book to others who are looking for a good read or a gift idea.


Eat Bulaga's coffee table book is a must-have for every dabarkads who wants to relive the moments and memories of the longest-running noontime show in the Philippines. It is a tribute to the legacy and achievements of Eat Bulaga ,and a testament to the love and loyalty of its fans. It is a book that you can enjoy and appreciate in many ways ,whether you want to be entertained ,informed ,or inspired.

So, what are you waiting for? Get your own copy or download it online today! You will surely not regret it. As Eat Bulaga always says, Hangga't may bata, may Eat Bulaga! (As long as there are children, there is Eat Bulaga!). And as long as there is Eat Bulaga, there is happiness and hope for every Filipino.


Here are some frequently asked questions about Eat Bulaga and its coffee table book:

What are some of the most memorable segments and hosts of Eat Bulaga?

There are too many to mention, but some of the most memorable segments and hosts of Eat Bulaga are:

  • Little Miss Philippines, a beauty pageant for young girls that launched the careers of some of the country's biggest stars, such as Aiza Seguerra, Ryzza Mae Dizon, and Gladys Reyes.

  • Bulagaan, a classroom comedy skit where the hosts play as students and teachers, and answer questions with hilarious jokes and puns.

  • Pinoy Henyo, a word-guessing game where one player gives clues to another player who can only answer with yes, no, or maybe.

  • Laban o Bawi, a jackpot game where contestants have to choose between fighting or backing out of a challenge, such as singing, dancing, or answering trivia.

  • Kalyeserye, a soap opera parody that featured the love story of Alden Richards and Maine Mendoza, also known as AlDub, and their funny and lovable lolas (grandmothers), played by Wally Bayola, Jose Manalo, and Paolo Ballesteros.

  • Juan for All, All for Juan, a segment where the hosts visit different barangays (villages) and give prizes and assistance to lucky residents.

  • Tito Sotto, the eldest and wisest of the trio, who is also a senator and a former vice mayor of Quezon City.

  • Vic Sotto, the leader and bossing of the trio, who is also a movie star and a producer.

  • Joey de Leon, the comedian and poet of the trio, who is also a radio host and a painter.

  • Ryan Agoncillo, the host of Pinoy Henyo and Juan for All, All for Juan, who is also an actor and a photographer.

  • Pia Guanio, the host of Chika Minute and one of the female co-hosts, who is also a model and a lifestyle blogger.

  • Anjo Yllana, the host of Laban o Bawi and one of the male co-hosts, who is also an actor and a former councilor of Quezon City.

How does Eat Bulaga balance entertainment and public service?

Eat Bulaga balances entertainment and public service by creating segments and projects that cater to both aspects. For entertainment, Eat Bulaga provides fun and laughter to its viewers through its comedy skits, games, musical numbers ,and celebrity guests. For public service, Eat Bulaga provides help and hope to its viewers through its charity drives, outreach programs ,and scholarships. Some examples of Eat Bulaga's public service initiatives are:

  • Eat Bulaga Scholarship Program, which grants scholarships to deserving students from elementary to college levels.

  • Eat Bulaga Excellence Awards, which recognizes outstanding students ,teachers ,and schools in academic ,sports ,and arts fields.

Eat Bulaga Medical Mission, which provides free medical and dental services to indigent communities.

  • Eat Bulaga Plastic ni Juan Project, which collects plastic bottles and converts them into school chairs for public schools.

  • Eat Bulaga AlDub Library Project, which builds libraries for public schools in partnership with AlDub Nation, the fan club of Alden and Maine.

What are some of the challenges and controversies that Eat Bulaga faced and overcame?

Eat Bulaga faced and overcame some challenges and controversies throughout its history. Some of them are:

  • The network wars, which involved the competition and rivalry among different TV networks that aired Eat Bulaga, such as RPN, ABS-CBN, and GMA. Eat Bulaga had to cope with changing timeslots, ratings ,and audiences as it moved from one network to another.

  • The host changes, which involved the departure and arrival of different hosts that joined or left Eat Bulaga. Eat Bulaga had to deal with the loss of some of its original and popular hosts, such as Chiqui Hollman, Richie Reyes, Coney Reyes, Helen Gamboa ,and Francis Magalona. It also had to welcome and integrate new hosts, such as Anjo Yllana, Jimmy Santos, Ruby Rodriguez ,and Allan K.

  • The segment issues, which involved the criticism and controversy that some of Eat Bulaga's segments received from the public or the authorities. Eat Bulaga had to face some complaints and lawsuits for some of its segments, such as Super Sireyna (a beauty pageant for transwomen), Macho Men (a talent contest for muscular men), and Kalyeserye (a soap opera parody that featured Alden and Maine).

How does Eat Bulaga adapt to changing times and technologies?

Eat Bulaga adapts to changing times and technologies by being innovative and creative in its content and format. Eat Bulaga always tries to come up with new and fresh segments that appeal to different generations and markets. It also uses various platforms and media to reach out to its viewers ,such as radio ,internet ,social media ,and mobile applications. Some examples of Eat Bulaga's adaptations are:

  • Eat Bulaga Radio, which is a radio program that airs on DZBB every weekday from 11:30 am to 2:30 pm. It features some of the segments and hosts of Eat Bulaga ,such as Juan for All, All for Juan ,and Barangay Jokers.

  • Eat Bulaga Live Streaming, which is a live video streaming service that allows viewers to watch Eat Bulaga online through its official website or YouTube channel. It also features behind-the-scenes footage ,exclusive interviews ,and interactive chats with the hosts and guests.

  • Eat Bulaga Mobile App, which is a mobile application that allows viewers to access Eat Bulaga's content and services on their smartphones or tablets. It also features games ,quizzes ,polls ,and rewards for the users.

What are some of the future plans and goals of Eat Bulaga?

Eat Bulaga has some future plans and goals that aim to continue its legacy and success in the Philippine television industry. Some of them are:

  • To celebrate its 40th anniversary in 2019, which will be a grand and festive occasion that will honor the past ,present ,and future of Eat Bulaga. It will also feature special segments ,events ,and surprises for the fans and supporters.

  • To build its own studio complex in Cainta, Rizal, which will be a state-of-the-art facility that will house Eat Bulaga's production offices ,studios ,and stages. It will also serve as a tourist attraction and a venue for other shows and events.

  • To expand its international presence and reach, which will involve creating more versions and franchises of Eat Bulaga in other countries ,such as Indonesia ,Vietnam ,and Thailand. It will also involve partnering with other networks and platforms that can air or stream Eat Bulaga globally.



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