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Buy 1 Get 2 Free Suits Macy's

I bought a few suits from Jos. A Bank. Their cut fits me well, but they are not great suits past the "entry" level. The biggest problem I've had with them was not the suit, but the "master tailor" (their words, not mine) at their stores suck. I bought 3 suits during their 3-1 sale, had them tailored at the same time. The result was 3 suits with each with a different arm length. I was more than a little ticked. The suits that I have from them will get me by for another year or 2 tops. By then I should be able to afford something nicer.

buy 1 get 2 free suits macy's

New: Jos. A. Bank: Buy 1 suit, get 2 suits and 3 ties for free + free shippingAt Jos. A. Bank, buy one regularly-priced men's suit, tuxedo, or sportcoat and get two more and three ties for free. (The discount shows in-cart.) Plus, all orders receive free shipping. That ties a September mention and is one of the best deals we've seen on these items from Jos. A. Bank. (A similar deal from July had the option to choose three shirts instead of ties.) Sales tax is added where applicable. Some best bets, eligible for the above promotion:

I'm not pretentious.. I just hate their suits. It has nothing to do with the name or the price or even the fact that people say their suits are low quality. I just legitimately have never liked the 2 suits I bought from them.

My Jos A Bank suit got totally destroyed (the shoulder pads got loosen) after dry cleaning for three times. I would really stay away from them. Also the Men Warehouse. I am sticking to only Brooks Brothers and Charles Tyrwhitt, and I am not willing to pay more than suits from those stores.

Nice. I got bored one day at the mall with my family and wandered into a Jo Banks, mainly because I'd never been in one and wanted to see what it was about, and somehow walked out with so much goddamn stuff, like 3 suits, lord knows how many shirts and ties, and I think underwear and socks for a thousand bucks or so that it felt comical. They're not the greatest quality but they're not absolutely horrible. I think I bought the higher end line though. They're good travel suits when you're visiting a warehouse or production facility or a company in East Jesus where even the execs are wearing polo's and hardly own suits and you don't want to ruin a good suit by spilling coffee, wine or food when the plane hits turbulence. But I'm pretty sure they'll fall apart after a year of wear and tear and some dry cleaning. And then I'll use them as kitchen rags.

But no seriously. This is a PSA for all incoming male bankers: Instead of getting 4 crap suits get 2 good ones. Granted I'm a female and now nothing about fit, Hugo Boss, Brooks Brothers and Armani make any guy look good....instantly! I have yet to pay full price for a suit for myself nor for a guy I was "styling". Brooks Brothers doesn't seem to be doing so hot with the recession so you can get some great deals. There is no Nordstrom Rack in Manhattan. Wall Street is not a fashion show but at the same time please don't buy suits at JC Penney, Sears, Old Navy, etc

Just buy the suit when it is on sale or go to Banana Republic or something. I own suits from all price ranges and if you get them tailored they will look 10x better than an un-tailored expensive suit. Additionally, realize that really expensive suits tend to be made with better, but also delicate. You are going to be beating the shit out of these suits early on and those 2 grand suits will rip/tear/wear really fast. Get the baller suits when you start meeting clients.

Also, next Monday (May 26) they are having a sale where the $750 suits will go for about $350, the $500 ones will go for $250, etc... the numbers might not be exact but a buddy of mine just sent me the flyer they gave to employees. Seems like a good deal since I don't need 2 shirts and 2 ties right now and I only need one suit (2 suits, 2 shirts, 2 ties for $800 versus 1 suit for $350)

Listen, they do have some nice lines, AND some crap lines. But your best bet is to wait for the 70% off sale, usually in june, and then again last half of December. This way, you get to buy what you want, in any quantity you want. Now on the other hand, I just, today, bought 4 suits for the price of one, and got 75 bucks off as well. 4 suits for 300 dollars. I bought the lighter summer suits, but idc where you are or what you do, theres no way you can beat that deal, even if they rip and tear after 7-10 wears, I still have either the pants or the coats to carry on and use. Its unfortunate that they have no concept of value added selling. I don't hate this place, coming from a former brand whore that spent a lot of zeros in the past, I'll take 4 suits for 300-700 anyday over a tumbler of scotch and ONE suit for 2900.

MTailor was featured on Shark Tank in 2013 and although it wasn't as successful on getting funded on the TV show, it's gone on to become a multi-million dollar business all on its own. MTailor creates a custom suit from your measurements at home with a twist: You'll use an app to take pictures of yourself in your best-fitted clothing, and MTailor will do the rest. The company boldly claims their app is 20% more accurate than a tailor. Suits range between $399 and $799, and countless 5-star reviews from satisfied customers mean these suits might be the most no-brainer purchase you've ever made.

Men's Wearhouse has been the go-to place for many when they need to snatch up a suit for the next big event, and it still holds out as one of the top places to buy a suit. Not only is Men's Wearhouse affordable, they have a variety of styles: tuxedos, slim fit, patterned suits, and some of the top suit makers in the world. Men's Wearhouse also offers in-person alteration and same-day hemming, so if you find a suit you love but isn't quite the right fit, Men's Wearhouse will take care of it for you.

Suitshop has fantastic reviews, especially from those who used Suitshop to dress the wedding party. With inexpensive, quality suits starting at $224, you can find one that matches your personality and fit. Suitshop has a range of sizes and colors, and their website has a fit finder that helps you decide your perfect fit. Their suits ship in 1-2 business days, making Suitshop perfect for those last-minute buys.

If you're looking for suits by Armani, BOSS, or Versace that you can later get tailored yourself, Nordstrom has an amazing selection of suits by the biggest in fashion. Nordstrom has pinstripes, wool blends, and more, and you can snag a very high-quality suit from some of the leading menswear designers in the business. Nordstrom also handles returns on a case-by-case basis without a time limit, so if you find your suit can't be tailored to your satisfaction, Nordstrom will work with you on a free return. The retailer also offers alteration and tailoring services on-site, and for certain Nordy Club member tiers, you can get those alterations for free.

Indochino prides itself on making suits custom to order. Their suit catalog ranges between $319 and $549 with linen and wool blends, cashmere, and cotton-spandex. Indochino has showrooms all over the country, and you have the option of getting measured and fitted in person. However, their online customization is extremely detailed down to the button color and shoulder type. Reviewers note that Indochino alterations can be hit or miss, and it's also important to keep in mind that they don't give refunds unless the quality is not up to expectation.

While you won't find Armani at Asos, they have some decent, inexpensive suits in a pinch. Ideally, you'll buy a size that you can get tailored, but if not, they have a wide range of sizes between 0 and 52. Asos is one of the only places we noticed an array of eye-catching suits, so if a bold and in-your-face style is up your alley, take a look.

Jos A. Bank has a variety of suits for reasonable prices. Their suits are very classic, including slim-fit tuxedos and executive collection suits. With solid prices (ranging between $250 and $600 for a full suit) and quick, free shipping of only 1-2 days out from your order, Jos A. Bank is a great place to find that quintessential look that you'll always be able to wear once you have it tailored to your taste.

Bonobos has suits that range between $200 and $1000, and reviewers say that if you know what your fit is, these suits can feel like they're already tailored for you. Bonobos has quality fabric like Italian wool, and you might only need your tailor to do a few touchups to ensure the suit is perfect and made for you. If you're worried about sizing, they have their Jetsetter Stretch Suits that Bonobos says "feels like loungewear."

While you might think Macy's wouldn't have good suit options, they sell Calvin Klein and Michael Kors suits for less than $500. They also have high ratings for the suits from customers, with many full suits having hundreds of reviews and holding a 5-star rating. While you won't find a custom-made suit at Macy's, you can easily find a decently-reviewed Ralph Lauren suit to get tailored before the big event.

Banana Republic has some of the more unique styles in suits you might not be able to find anywhere else. Although you won't be able to get a custom-fitted suit, they have floral designs, expedition-style suits, and beautiful cotton plaid. If you're looking for a high-quality showstopper, Banana Republic has beautiful products for your choosing.

Paul Smith has a unique selection of suits, including ones that are made of bright red corduroy and double-breasted checkered blazers. However, they have limited sizing and a few of the items err on the more expensive side, with a pair of chinos costing $200 when on sale for 50% off. They have many sales for full suits, so make sure to take a peek at their sales page. Whether you're willing to spend a lot or a little, you'll find Paul Smith has an interesting variety of decent-quality suits.

Nordstrom Rack has tons of suits from brands such as Calvin Klein, Ted Baker London, and Tommy Hilfiger, and also its own line of suits. Nordstrom has full suits for reasonably low prices and many pieces that are on sale. And, best of all, you can go to Nordstrom Rack in person to get fitted alterations and repairs, including hemming and side adjustments. 041b061a72


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