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Encase Forensic V7: The Ultimate Guide for Digital Forensic Investigators

how does encase forensic v7 compare to its predecessors? we have not done a head-to-head test, as there are different variants of version 6 versus version 7. however, if we compare them simply on their own, we see that they are comparable. version 6 provided a higher level of analysis, but v7 is more flexible in its analysis. version 7 has a significantly improved ui over version 6, as much as they both have a common interface.

encase forensic v7 download full version

we are interested in the upcoming encase forensic v7, but we will have to wait until it is actually released to see if the new version holds up to what we expected from encase when we first reviewed encase forensic 6.0.

what is encase forensic v7 like to operate with? we like the fact that if we decided to carry on with the testing, we could just remove the drive from the case, to make things simpler. it is not possible to carry on with the case testing if the drives are still in the case.

the encase forensic v7 ui is very much like the previous version of encase forensic, although it is a bit more intuitive. but, we found that a lot of the controls are the same. it does have a significant improvement in its interface, since it now runs on a browser. this gives it a much more familiar look and feel than the old interface.

the best thing about encase v7 is the speed. it is significantly faster than the older version, and we are impressed by how responsive it is. we feel that this is a product that we could easily use for long periods of time. it also has a lot of potential in terms of developing special features such as hash detection or cross-platform analysis.


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