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Ep 867 - Google Drive

Scott Benner 35:02Right. Well, you have the mixture of not really understanding how to manage on top of difficult foods. Correct? Yeah. And that's going to drive you up like that. So was there? How long were you on the CGM before the pump?

Ep 867 - Google Drive

Scott Benner 53:57Yeah. Listen to people who exercise a lot. That's where they get it from. They get like an endorphin rush from exercise. And they, they, they make it so that being healthy is a value to them. So that's the thing, they drive happiness, they derive happiness from like, they want to be healthy. So when they are healthy or fit or working out, they're happy about that you're happy because you were eating foods that you remember from your, from your childhood, and probably built pictures in your mind of nine kids sitting around and big meals and fun and stuff like that. It's just what happens. Like everybody gets a thing that shifting from one of those to another proves to be difficult for people. You know, and that's all it's all very understandable. It's just it's it's just the truth. That's all

Scott Benner 1:04:21I appreciate you saying that. It's my pleasure. I you know, in full transparency, I started figuring these things out for my daughter. And I started to write online about it years ago, because I was trying to drive money to research. And then I noticed one day that the way I talked about insulin, people seemed to resonate with it. And it was working for my daughter and I thought I bet you could work for other people to this way. And so it just kept sharing it and it kept growing and, and I can't tell you how I got a note from a lady last night about her child's diagnosis day and and how they found the podcast in the hospital that night, and then had shared what happened to them going forward and how well they were doing. And it caught me at the end of the day, I was reading it in bed, and I, my wife's like, what's going on? And she goes, Oh, are you going to cry? And I said, I think so. Yeah, I was just so happy for that little girl and her family. And, and, and there's that part where you can't believe that something you did or said, found a stranger and help them you know, I mean, think about it, you're, you're being helped. Because, I mean, for a number of different reasons, but specific to the podcast, your, you know, your son and his wife have a child with type one. And they start learning about it for him, and then turn to you and say, hey, you know, we're learning about a lot of these things, I think that might help you as well. And he did it. You know, like I said,

Psychiatric evaluation allows for diagnostic evaluation, understanding of the drives and psychoses that have driven the patient to such extreme actions, and the instigation of immediate treatment. This treatment may take the form of neuroleptic medication, antidepressants, and above all close observation, to ensure there are no further episodes of any self-destructive behaviour. If present, detoxification of any substance abuse may be necessary. Occasionally, electroconvulsive therapy has been used to good effect. In addition, patients as well as family members will require help in coming to terms with the extreme religious and/or sexual delusions that led to the attempted self-enucleation. All patients will require long-term follow-up of their condition. There is some evidence to suggest that selective serotonin uptake blockers may help influence future self-mutilatory behaviour.

This drug may make you dizzy or drowsy or affect your judgment. Alcohol or marijuana (cannabis) can worsen these effects. Do not drive, use machinery, or do anything that needs alertness until you can do it safely. Avoid alcoholic beverages. Talk to your doctor if you are using marijuana (cannabis).

Active mode-locking of uncoated InGaAsP diode lasers having an external diffraction grating cavity was investigated experimentally. A high frequency r.f. signal and short-duration electrical pulses were used to drive the lasers. The pulse duration was measured by an ultrafast streak camera. Pulses as short as 13 ps at 1.3μm and 29 ps at 1.55μm were generated at a repetition rate of 1 GHz. The reason for obtaining broader pulses from the 1.55μm laser which had the same structure as the 1.3μm diode laser is explained.

On May 3, 1987, appellant attempted to drive through a low water crossing, with the victim as a passenger. Flood waters swept the car and its passengers into a rushing creek. Appellant testified that in efforts to save the victim from drowning, he grabbed her around the neck, and that she grabbed him as well. Appellant managed to escape, and he testified that the last time he saw the victim, she was being swept downstream, grabbing at anything she could to stay afloat.

I am new to google drive and started with the tutorial quickstart. After numerous attampts I run the program successfully. However I had permission and authorisation problems when I was trying to delete files.

Now I find out the problem:I had to delete the directory "user.home/.credentials/drive-api-quickstart".After that I can give the program the authorisation, which it needs.Hope that someone will help this post ;) 041b061a72


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