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Buy Cotton Sweaters

One of the best things about cotton is its naturally lightweight properties. Depending on the type and gauge of yarn, cotton can range from a thick, chunky sweater to a light-as-air cardigan. The benefits of cotton sweaters are that they will never feel heavy like other fabrics. For that reason, they make great travel companions and can easily pack into a suitcase without adding bulk. We love the soft, smooth feel of lightweight cotton against our skin for those days running errands or those evenings watching the sun go down.

buy cotton sweaters

Introducing our new cotton crew neck sweater. Light enough to wear on a spring and summer night, and versatile enough to wear the rest of the year. It's perfect for those who are looking for a crew neck sweater that isn't wool!

From our humble beginnings over twenty-five years ago, we have ceaselessly searched the world for the most sumptuous cashmere, finest Merino wool, as well as the softest linen and organic cotton available. We proudly collaborate with textile artisans throughout the world. Every Stitch Counts.

Alpaca fiber has been very popular in South America for hundreds of years. With properties very similar to wool (warmth) and cashmere (softness), it has been used to make ponchos, gloves, hats and winter or high altitude sweaters.

Moving on to the less formal type of sweaters, turtlenecks add warmth and make a nice dressed-down replacement for the conventional pointed turndown collar seen on dress shirts. When worn with a jacket, make sure to opt for a lightweight build.

Sweaters that contain openings are another classic variety that I highly recommend. Overall there are two standard openings on sweaters: the zippered and the button up versions. To break this down a bit:

Although I said to steer clear of sweaters that are too sweatshirt-like, Taylor Stitch's The Moor Sweater references everyone's favorite sportswear style without fully succumbing to its schlubbier aesthetic.

Made from a mix of nylon, COOLMAX and cotton, Lululemon's cotton crewneck has a subtle texture, four-way stretch and raglan sleeves with a pronounced stitch. The sleeves aren't terribly long, either, and it can obviously be machine washed. But watch for pilling!

One of the many reasons people opt for cotton over wool is the price. Cotton is far cheaper. You can buy this cotton Abercrombie sweater for under $70, and it comes in several colors. Is the style all that adventurous? No, but isn't bad, even if the cuffs will likely lose their shape with wear.

Banana Republic broke the traditional retail mold in the '80s when two San Franciscans started their own semi-Safari-themed brand, which would eventually be bought by Gap and scaled globally. Its current catalog makes references to its roots, all while being practical for modern wearers. This cotton-linen sweater is a lightweight, tonal top layer you can easily wear in both summer or the dead of winter.

Asket strives to simplify the wardrobes of men all over. Its collection of pared back basics includes the aptly titled The Cotton Sweater, a lightweight, ultra-breathable knit made from extra-fine, long staple Egyptian cotton. It arrives to Asket for $28 and they sell it for $1110, a $90 drop from the standard retail price.

The main difference between these brands is their prices, colors and types of sweaters. The fit is pretty similar (somewhat traditional fit, not super slim). For more details: Ash & Erie review / Under 510 review / PMNYC sweater fit

One thing you can do for long sleeve length if you wear a button down shirt underneath, is just roll the end of the sweater back under the sleeve, so the cuffs do not show. I would not recommend this for sweaters my themselves though.

Avoid these materials. Sharp says to steer clear of a wool-and-polyester blend as it can be especially difficult to de-pill, causing snagging and damage. She also says you should avoid sweaters that have three or more different fibers in them (they will be listed on the label).

Even if your cotton sweatshirts do shrink, they won't get so small you can't wear them anymore. Shrinkage will never make your clothes two sizes or even one size smaller than they already are. You will still be able to wear your cotton sweatshirts if they shrink.

At least, this is true in most cases. However, you might not want to test your luck by running your cotton sweatshirts through the washer and dryer like you would your other clothing. To ensure your cotton sweatshirts stay in good condition, there are a few things you should do when washing them.

Here's what we mean by that: you don't have to wash your cotton sweatshirts every time after you wear them. In fact, you should wear your sweatshirts as much as you can between washes. This will prevent them from wearing out quickly and keep them in good condition.

Unless your sweatshirt ends up really dirt after you wear it once, you should try to wear it several times before you wash it. When it does come time to wash your cotton sweaters, don't rush through the process. Otherwise, your sweatshirts might end up stained or damaged.

You can wash your 100% cotton sweatshirts in the washing machine, but make sure it's on a gentle setting. Avoid using hot or warm water when washing your sweatshirts. Keep the temperature cool or cold.

If you're still worried about shrinking, you can hang dry your cotton sweatshirts instead of putting them in the dryer. But remember, cotton takes longer to dry than normal clothes. They may need to hang for quite a while before they're fully dry.

You can also lay your cotton sweatshirts out flat on a towel to dry. This will prevent the hangers from wearing out the shoulders or leaving marks. However, if you choose to do this, remember to flip the sweatshirts from time to time so both sides dry.

From basic bundle-up layers to more luxurious fair trade alpaca sweaters, refer to Reformation, whose cute sustainable sweaters for women are versatile enough for at-home comfort or on-the-town class.

Very few brands are as transparent or women-focused as ABLE. This social enterprise team is almost entirely made up of women (95 percent!) and its manufacturing partners are based in Ethiopia, Mexico, Brazil, and India. Plus, ABLE openly publishes its wages for consumers. Made from 100 percent GOTS certified organic cotton (like all ABLE sweaters starting in 2021), and complete with a drop shoulder and artisan stitch, the Neva Long Cardigan is pure comfort.

Newly launched responsible fashion brand comes from Avocado, one of our favorite natural bedding companies, so you can expect that its sweaters are as soft as its sheets. The cropped hoodies, cardigans, and pullover crewnecks are crafted from sustainably grown Supima cotton, 100 percent responsibly sourced alpaca fiber, and biodegradable and compostable modal, making them perfect for laidback (low-impact) lounging. 041b061a72


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