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Places To Buy Wall Decor

If you're in the market for wall art, you really can't go wrong with Society6, which boasts an expansive selection and handy filtering tools for finding the right piece. For slightly more accessible prices and fast turnarounds on custom sizes, check out Wayfair. And if you're serious about art and are willing to invest in high-quality pieces, Saatchi Art is a great resource.

places to buy wall decor


According to interior designer Jennifer Hunter of Jennifer Hunter Design, it depends. She encourages clients to buy pieces that speak to them and make them happy. "However, if you are looking for art as an investment, do your research and try to identify up-and-coming artists." Luckily, not all wall art is exorbitantly expensive. You can find lots of affordable options by exploring the retailers featured here.

There are some exceptions, but generally speaking, wall art will look better and last longer in a frame. That said, getting a piece professionally framed can be tricky and sometimes expensive, which is why Epstein suggests buying art pre-framed if you're looking to save on costs.

As Hunter notes, the frame an art piece comes in often encompasses how the artist intended it to look. However, many online retailers allow you to choose the frame material, color, and thickness. In some cases, a custom option might be better for decorating your space.

From art prints to wall hangings, posters and even embroidered tapestries, Urban Outfitters has an array of choices in all shapes and sizes. The beloved carefree boho vibe of UO comes through in their inventory of photographs, abstract prints and poster size messaging. All the frames are made in the United States using mostly recycled woods. Look out for UO-exclusive prints which feature special artist collaborations.

World Market is a treasure trove of goods from food, furniture to accessories including wall art. While it is a smaller category on the site, it does offer a wide variety, including wall hangings, art sets and even wallpaper. The largest categories of prints are abstract with florals and botanicals but most options falls under the four featured artists which is where you should start. There is plenty of the vintage-style and traditional genres represented but also more unique options like white faux deer skull wall decor.

Drool Art is basically inside style for people who love clothes a lot. The contemporary wall art includes prints of photos and illustrations, all of which are a level up from whatever you've currently got going on.

Ready to look at real art? Ready to look but not actually ready to buy real art? Come to Saatchi. It's got everything that could ever make its way onto a wall in your home, from starter prints to full-blown collectibles.

Justina Blakeney is the mastermind behind home decor retailer Jungalow, which sells stuff that is vibrant, cool, and sustainably sourced. The wall art is a standout, featuring artists from all over who share a sense of brightness and levity about nature.

Wheeler Collective is a dad-son photography duo who go to beautiful places and take beautiful pictures of those places and that's a really good career idea and why didn't we think of it first? If you love the wistful sense of wanderlust and a French or Italian oceanfront view, you'll love these prints.

Tappan Collective is the kind of fun, abstract wall art for the person who's not really sure what exactly they are supposed to be getting out of abstract art. There's a range of what you can buy, from colorful prints to actual paintings and other wall-friendly multimedia work.

From moody landscape art and abstract canvases to trendy pop prints, or even a fun array of tapestries, the internet is your own personal gallery for discovering wall art gems to amp up your living spaces.

Many men and women admire and appreciate large artwork, but they can be skeptical about purchasing their own large pieces. This is due to two very common concerns regarding purchasing oversized wall art: it is not affordable, and it is too hard to transport.

Society6, which offers artists a platform for creating products and selling their work, has lots of unusual, quirky, and interesting choices. Besides prints, they also offer framed prints, wall tapestries, printed canvases, and a host of other products.

This boutique has been a Hoboken favorite since 2014 and has something for everyone when it comes to wall decor. The shop showcases some local art, but also offers a variety of novelty wall art from trendy mirrors to suncatchers. For those looking to gift wall decor, this is definitely the right place and you can check out more options here.

As a Jersey City must-see boutique, The Lucky Honeybee offers fun and eco-friendly gifting, home decor, and apothecary goods. Sustainability is so important to the team here that the shop offers a refill bar for a variety of soaps. Check out the website for more updates on new decor from local artisans.

Black Owned Everything is filled with everything we never knew we needed, and quite a few things that we drool over in our browser for ages (buy us these mod boots?), including apparel, home decor, and more. The ethos of the unique platform is to create a space dedicated to Black-owned brands and artists by featuring an ever-evolving selection of their creations, which means that you can find a geometric, amethyst planter for your Hot Crystal Girlfriend one day, and a Picasso-esque, terracotta face sculpture the next.

Minted, which makes art prints, stationary, and custom-printed gifts and home decor, has a dedicated section of its site for the work of Black artists specifically, and it features a variety of fine and modern art, photography, and more. Two of our faves include "Little Town," a limited edition composite photo print by Nairobi-based artist David Michuki, and "Poppy Joy," a linocut-inspired print from Minneapolis artist Angel Walker's Textured Ground collection.

If the thought of planning out a gallery wall is too overwhelming (I hear that!), then look to the Postery, where you can purchase a gallery wall set with absolutely no over-thinking (or measuring!), whatsoever.

Acrylic prints, or images printed on glass, is an exciting new medium in which you can print any photo directly onto an acrylic panel. Acrylic prints are not just standard photos printed and then laminated, or encaseed, in acrylic sheets. Instead, when you opt for acrylic prints as your go-to wall art, you are getting photos that are printed directly onto large acrylic panels via a flatbed printer. With Big Acrylic, you can upload your own images to the site and create a work of art!

At Simply Crafted Design, you will find authentic, one-of-a-kind pieces! The wood wall art you see at this Etsy shop stand on their own, but if you want a custom design, the artist can do that too! From monogrammed wood wall art to reclaimed wood wall art with shelves and wood wall art wine racks, Kevin J. Carr has a talent for creating high quality wall art you will be sure to love.

In the beautiful city of Lisbon, Home Art Stickers began as an architecture agency making home and corporate events decor. Eventually, they outgrew this line of business since they believe you should love what they do. Now, they create, experiment and make premium wall tile stickers, floor tile stickers, wallpapers, furniture overlays, 3D wall panels and unique wall decals for home and office decor and they love it!

At Rose For Me, the designer has been experimenting with metals to create different kinds of wall sculptures. Since 1996, Grace Park created inspiring works of art to capture the beauty of nature and lifeforms. From butterflies to flower bouquets to the universe and the galaxy, Rose For Me is definitely a go-to online store to buy 3D wall art.

Our new series Apartment Living 101 is aimed at helping New Yorkers navigate the challenges of creating a happy home in the big city. This week we explore ten great places to buy affordable, yet beautiful art.

Every weekend, Brooklynites are blessed with the Brooklyn Flea, a place where all kinds of artisans bring their prized craft goods, selling things such as clothing, jewelry, vintage finds, and more. From fine wood work to vintage signs and tapestries to funky frames, the Flea has nearly everything one could offer in terms of home decor; they even have plants, which is also an easy way to spruce up the appearance of your living spaces.

Wall decorations can instantly turn a plain room into cohesively designed space. From fancy framed art to playful wall art decals, the right decor reflects your personality and adds style to every room.

Framed Options. Display your family photos in decorative frames as a gallery wall in your family room. Show off a collection of antique framed art in the dining or living room. For a home with a contemporary vibe, feature an array of black-and-white framed photographs. They contrast with brightly colored furniture. Or, go with a frameless canvas painting for a more seamless look.

Dimensional Pieces. For a room with a cottage theme, consider hanging 3D wall art, such as an iron scrollwork compass rose. Wood wall decor works well in homes with a rustic theme. Hang a wooden farm sign with authentic textures. For a more traditional space, try metal wall decorations with an intricate design, like a tree with sprawling branches.

Peel-and-Stick Wall Decals. Decals are a great option for a temporary touch of style. Add flowers or map decals to kids' rooms. Use inspirational wall decals in the kitchen or as bath wall decor to motivate you each day.

Unique Focal Points. A stunning piece can draw the eye and make a statement. Choose a mural, a lighted sign or a decorative mirror to anchor your space. Surround it with other decorations that support it in style and color.

As mentioned this is such a small curation of what is all available online, but we love all of these and they would all work so well in many different styles of homes. So now that you have some of the art picked out, it comes time to purchase the file, download it, and then send it off to be printed. There are so many places to print and you might have somewhere local that could do it for even cheaper than what we have listed, but here are just a few that we would recommend: 041b061a72


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