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Can I Buy Prescription Glasses On Amazon

Offering both prescription and non-prescription blue-light-blocking glasses, EyeBuyDirect is our pick for the best place to buy glasses online thanks to its selection of high-quality glasses and reliable customer service. (It also offers a 14-day return policy.) We tried only two styles, but EyeBuyDirect sells hundreds of pairs in a variety of shapes, colors, sizes, and prices, and it can add an anti-glare coating to make those marathon Zoom sessions slightly more bearable.

can i buy prescription glasses on amazon


Then consider the lens color. All of the glasses Wirecutter tested appeared to be colorless at first glance, but when we wore them, we noticed they all have a faint to moderate orange tint. (For an extra fee, you can order prescription lenses that are virtually colorless from our favorite online retailer, EyeBuyDirect.) Orange lenses block blue light because they only let through light with similar wavelengths, like orange and red. The stronger the orange tint, the less blue light gets through, decreasing the amount your eyes are absorbing and potentially helping to counteract negative effects. (Keep in mind that colored lenses can affect the color accuracy you see on your screen.)

The Cyxus Blue Light Filter Computer Glasses have tight hinges that are difficult to open and close, the temple arms pinch, and the nose pads are loose and sit farther down than most glasses we tested, which made them uncomfortable to wear. These glasses also gave one tester a headache.

The Free People Rion Blue Light Glasses (no longer available) reminded us of frame styles that were popular in the 1980s, but not in a good way. Also, the glasses are crooked, the nose pads sit low (like those of the Cyxus pair), one of the lenses was cracked, and the hinges are uneven.

In our testing, our reviewer who suffers from tension headaches and migraines said the blue-light-blocking glasses actually caused more migraines than they prevented, and it had nothing to do with the lenses. Bad glasses with tight frames, pinching nose pads, or acute light reflections may worsen your headache symptoms, rather than relieve them.

You can clean blue-light-blocking glasses like any pair of lenses with these steps: Remove any visible gunk with a cotton swab; rinse the glasses under warm water to dislodge excess grime; squirt a pea-sized drop of dish soap onto the lenses and rub the soap in with your fingers; rinse off the soap; shake the glasses dry; and wipe them down with a microfiber cloth. Our post on How to Clean Your Glasses offers a little more detail.

Also known as variable focus glasses and adjustable focus reading glasses, self-adjustable glasses allow wearers to see near and far. They're similar to other multifocal lenses (bifocals and trifocals) but less expensive and available without a prescription.

These non-prescription glasses feature adjustment dials for far- and nearsighted correction. Adjustable glasses provide improved vision at all distances without requiring you to switch pairs of glasses or limit your field of view.

Adjustable focus glasses feature fluid-filled lens technology that lets you adjust the lens power based on your vision needs. You twist the dial until you achieve optimal visual acuity. This is why they are sometimes called dial vision glasses.

Each lens on adjustable glasses has a membrane that moves outward or inward based on how much fluid the lens contains. The fluid comes from a small syringe in each arm of the glasses. Pumping fluid in or out of the lens changes its refractive power:

These glasses can be found at many retail stores and online from Amazon. Many of the benefits and drawbacks of adjustable glasses vary based on the brand, so research your options before choosing which is best for you.

Adlens offers adjustable glasses that feature a compound lens system. The technology features two thin, wave-shaped plates that slide across each other when you turn the knob. The position of the two plates adjusts the overall power of the lens.

Adjustable eyeglasses cost much less than traditional prescription vision correction. The average cost of adjustable glasses is about $25. Some brands offer adjustable eyewear for less than $5 a pair.

The best blue light blocking glasses can help when hours of staring at a computer or scrolling through your phone irritates your eyes or affects the quality of your sleep. These lenses claim to ease the eye strain caused by looking at screens for too long.

Spektrum's Prospek Arctic, the best blue light blocking glasses, are affordable, unassuming and available in a wide range of reader powers. The lenses' slight yellow tint filters blue light without entirely discoloring a digital screen, making them perfect for computer work. For an additional, you can add your prescription to the Prospek Arctics easily on Spektrum's website (opens in new tab). Although the Arctic style reflects a unisex, modern aesthetic, there are a number of more conventional frame styles under $50 available from the brand.

If you're not sure whether blue light blocking glasses are for you, this $17 pair from TIJN is a good place to start. The cute, nerd-shaped frames are an Amazon best-seller and a budget version of the brand's high-end styles. They come in multiple colors and are perfect to keep as a travel or backup pair of blue-light blockers. Although you can't get these with prescription lenses, TIJN's glasses do a fine job if you wear contacts or have decent eyesight.

With Felix Gray glasses, you don't have to choose between your prescription lenses and protection from blue light. Although limited in number, all of Felix Gray's styles can be customized to your prescription, and the brand offers reading glasses with powers up to +2.5, too. They're expensive for non-prescription styles, but the $145 cost for a vision-correcting pair is quite affordable for everyday glasses.

Felix Gray also names its glasses after famous scientists, mathematicians and inventors. The Roebling style is named for Emily Roebling, the first female field engineer who oversaw construction of the Brooklyn Bridge.

If you're content with the prescription lenses you own but want the best blue light blocking glasses on occasion, the $20 ElementsActive Over Glasses Anti Blue Blocker glasses do the trick. We found they're the best for wearing with prescriptions because they're large enough to fit over most glasses comfortably. ElementsActive also offers clip-on blue-light blockers that attach to frames. The lenses are tinted an unattractive orange, but you can rest assured that blue light isn't reaching your eyes while wearing them.

Gunnar is the only patented gaming eyewear, making its Intercept pair perfect for those who spend hours at a time playing on a PC or other console connected to a TV. Though they are advertised as "gaming" glasses, they work just as well for any computer activity where you have to look at a screen for extended periods. The yellow-tinted lens might deter some, but the coloring softens the light emitted from screens. Gunnar has a vast selection of frame styles, some of which are quite stylish.

HyperX Gaming Eyewear are some of the best blue light blocking glasses for gamers. These are comfortable, protective and don't have an obvious lens tint, so they won't draw attention if you wear them during Zoom meetings, too. Although there aren't many HyperX Gaming Eyewear frame shapes, the neutral color selection gives some room for personalization.

To find the best blue light blocking glasses, we reviewed products from top-rated brands on Amazon and Best Buy. We also asked our colleagues and friends in the tech world which styles they like for long hours spent with screens.

Available in a matte pink and a few printed designs, these cat-eye glasses are ideal for anyone who wants to add a touch of playfulness or whimsy to their outfit. Plus, they have quite large lenses, which offer a wider view than many other pairs of cat-eyes.

Prescription glasses to treat presbyopia are made specifically for your eyes. If one eye is noticeably weaker than the other, or if you have astigmatism, getting a prescription is important for the long-term health of your eyes.

Nonprescription magnifiers are available at pharmacies, supermarkets, convenience stores, and many other places. They are glasses with ready-made magnification strengths that start at 0.50 diopters and go up in increments of 0.25 or 0.5. The more magnification your eyes need, the higher diopter quantity you will choose.

According to the London-based College of Optometrists, ready-made reading glasses are acceptable as a temporary or occasional substitute for prescription reading glasses. But they recommend that you have at least one prescription pair of glasses that have been fitted to your eyes.

These frames include magnifying lenses in the base price, or you can get them made to fit your exact prescription. Classic tortoiseshell frames the lenses on these readers. Translucent arms and the Tory Burch logo polish off the look.

A good rule of thumb is to use the lowest magnification with which you can comfortably see, and work upward if you need. Low strength reading glasses (+1.00 or +1.25) are enough for some people, while others sometimes need to go above a +2.00 to read words clearly on a page.

Its Echo Frames eyeglasses and Echo Loop ring can do similar tasks, but both have a button that needs to be pressed before speaking to Alexa. For now, Amazon said it will sell a limited number of the glasses and rings to those invited to buy them and provide feedback on improving them.

The retailer just announced Echo Frames, eyeglasses that come with Alexa built-in. While the new glasses will undoubtedly bring up comparisons to Google Glass, Amazon's new eyeglasses don't have cameras or a display. Instead, the glasses are meant to make Alexa accessible at all times throughout the day.

The glasses have a microphone and small speaker built in, so you can ask Alexa questions or use commands to set reminders. The speaker is meant to beam sound towards the wearer's ears so they can hear it but people nearby won't (the idea is somewhat similar to Bose Frames sunglasses). 041b061a72


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