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Skachat Furnitur Mod

MrCrayfish's Furniture Mod is all about adding functioning and useful furniture and decorations. You will be able to find furniture for every part of your house, including the kitchen, bedroom, dinning, outdoors, and more! Currently adding over eighty unique blocks, the mod in continuely growing with new updates.

skachat furnitur mod

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One of the great features of this mod is the amount of color and customization it provides. Many furniture pieces are made with wool, and any experienced Minecraft player is well aware of the many different colors of wool that exist in the game. This small but effective factor allows the player to color coordinate their entire household and make sure that every piece of furniture matches. Of course, there is also a great level of grayscale and wooden pieces of furniture provided as well. This is wonderful for those who want a simplistic or modern take on their interior decoration.

MrCrayfish's Furniture Mod is probably the most well-known furniture mod created for Minecraft to date. This pack does use CurseForge like a lot of other mods, but it's completely worth it for this mod.

You make couches and sofas that look more like the real things as well. You can even make long or uncommonly shaped sofas by combining one sofa into another! They will automatically combine like stairs do so you can make corner couches or L or U shaped couches that fit in to any space. Plus you can add end tables and coffee tables that match the height of sofas. The great feature of the end tables as well as many other items of furniture included with this mod is the storage capabilities. With other methods of making end tables, you typically have to sacrifice space and resources to make them look right. With these they not only look aesthetically pleasing, they will even store a small amount of items within them just like chests!

As for furniture with functionality; how about a camp bed which could weigh 2-3 kg, but would be more "comfortable" than a regular sleeping bag. Could be deployed and slept in for some minor bonus like a very slight passive heal while sleeping, or perhaps a "well rested" bonus as with the sleeping roll? Perhaps you could even make it a shash object so players can add a sleeping bag and sleeping roll to the deployed bed (like the workbench and toolkits) to increase any bonuses.

This room includes all the furniture you need for an awesome gaming setup, including a PC setup with plenty of accessories. So go ahead and create the ultimate gaming zone for your Sims. To install this one, follow this page.

Industrial Furniture Set adds over 170 pieces of furniture to the in-game catalog. The set includes pretty much every furniture item imaginable, including beds, TVs, decor, and cribs. The color palette is nice and neutral, with warm browns and beiges that will compliment any decor style or interior design.

This mod adds furniture to your home. More than 40 varieties of craft home furniture and appliances. With their help, you will be able to fully equip your kitchen, bathroom, living room. Add all the necessary for comfortable and cozy stay.Added two download links:-Official mod Furniture Mod from the author of the cfm-4.0.1-mc1.8.9-Community mod Furniture Mod from fans cfmce-1.0.1-mc1.8.9

About Macaw's Furniture Mod 3.0.0Ever wanted to have lots and lots of furniture for your Minecraft houses? Or just release your inner creative beast to create different combinations of furniture? If yes, then you came to the right place my friend!

Macaw's Furniture focuses on different styles of furniture and customization. You can place them on top of each other to create different combinations, merge them to make them wider or taller as much as you want. Store your stuff in various types of furniture, or just sit down on a chair and relax.

WARNING 3.0.0 NOT COMPATIBLE WITH OLDER VERSIONS!!If you decide to update to the 3.0.0 from a lower furniture version, they are not compatible.So please be sure to create a backup save of your world, or just remove anything stored in your furnitureand put them in something else. The ID's have been changed so they are organised correctly, this means thateverything placed in an earlier version will be removed. I'm sorry but this had to be done.

- Fixed: Dark texture after placing a solid block next to furniture- Fixed: Bounding Box just bottom side for tall furniture (Not for 1.12.2)- Fixed: Unable to place blocks on tall furniture (Not for 1.12.2)- Fixed: Wrong breaking particles on some furniture- Fixed: A few mistakes in model.json files. Spams the console.

Changes:- Updated for 1.16.4- Furniture now places correctly on blocks, collision box changes too- Counters have new models- Counters have working cornering- Some counters now have working storage- Some furniture can now be placed in both directions, if you want the furniture door on the left aim on the left side of the block- Improved hitboxes (not final)- Desks are now a part block they can be added to a nightstand or they can be combined to make a table- Renamed a few blocks- Crafting ingredients now have a tooltip

Attention!!- All ID's have been changed ( This is due to my beginners mistake of calling them dresser_1,dresser_2,dresser_3 etc...- They now have the correct ID for example "Oak Lower Triple Drawer" has the ID oak_lower_triple_drawer- This means that ONLY in 1.16.5 you should make a backup of your save, remove the stored stuff in your furniture and only then upgrade to this version, I'm sorry but this had to be done.

Changes:- Wardrobes & Bookshelves can be stacked on top of each other to create/merge tall furniture- Drawers & Desks can be placed next to each other to create/merde wide furniture- Tables can be resized into any size by placing them next to each other- Massively improved crafting recipes- Counters have a new model- Hoppers now work correctly- While holding a furniture and right clicking on the same placed one, it will not open. This way you can easily build on top of it when holding that furniture.- Comparators now work with storage furniture- Drawers and Wardrobes model, no longer has a gap when placed next to each other- Furniture can now be used as fuel (if you don't want them anymore well.. )- Tooltips are now formatted correctly- Furniture with books in the recipe will emmit enchant power for the enchantment table- Changes with some of the furniture names- Cabinet Door tiny texture change

Hello, and finally now you can enjoy with the new modern furniture, which comes with more than 550 functional and realistic pieces of furniture with realistic sound effects. You can cook, sit, watch TV, eat and more. All the furniture is functional and certainly not completed yet. There will be more updates. You will see below how to use the furniture and download and instructions.

V0.1.4 - fixed sign text not displaying after patches 0.214.2 & 0.214.300V0.1.3 - same as V0.1.2 - just fixed dependenciesV0.1.2 - added new stuff! yay couches!V0.1.1 - added MMHOOK as a dependency since it may be removed as a dependency of JVL soon.V0.1.0 - added new sculptures and a sign.V0.0.9 - (Thunderstore Only) updated JVL and BepInEx dependecy strings, removed build expansion as a dependency (no longer needed after Hearth & Home)V0.0.8 - added more clutter, updated to Jotunn 2.2.3, more config optionsV0.0.7 - no more sea of red in your BepInEx log.V0.0.6 - updated to Jotunn 2.1.2, got rid of yellow square thing that was always in the way, objects are now able to be adjusted up/down using alt+ctrl and the scroll wheel, changed "furniture" to "amenities," cuckoo clock animated, other small tweaks.V0.0.5 - made the barber pole rotateV0.0.4 - upgraded to Jotunn 2.1.0, made things more smooth, added custom category names in piece table.V0.0.3 - fixed an issue with chests losing items on dedicated servers and fixed a funky part of the cuckoo clock.V0.0.2 - fixed clutter bucket loading twiceV0.0.1 - initial release 041b061a72


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