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One Piece Treasure Cruise Reroll APK: The Fastest Way to Get the Best Characters

Setup, to locate the files use filza and go to /var/mobile/containers/data/applications/treasurecruise/documents this folder will have two files, the "sakura.db" file and the "device.db" they're needed for laterwith that done, you're ready to start

one piece treasure cruise reroll apk

3) Copy the sakura.db file, and in the /treasurecruise folder make a new folder named optcreroll or whatever you want and paste the sakura.db file in there, you'll need this one so don't do anything other than copying it.

Yes, Law & Luffy are both universal captains for the treasure cruise reroll game. Their swapping ability is really good because they can boost their ATK by 2x. They can make their normal attacks with the help of their best defensive barriers and buffs.


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