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Waves Diamond Bundle V4.05 Full Version

Using Waves Rekluse, it allows me to either pull up the highs, or pull up the lows, at will. They have in mind that a live drummer rarely uses a microphone but that when he does, it is usually in an unusual environment and not everybody has nice high end high quality live microphones. Even when they do, the bass drum is still outside the left side channel for pretty much the same reasons. So it is no surprise that they have addressed this issue as well. It is a great plugin!

waves diamond bundle v4.05 full version

The fifth plugin is the Waves Precedence, which is meant to take the output from the DPR-402 and provide a smoother, gentler sound. It has 3 modes: soft, which is a mix of punchy and smooth; norm, which is the default setting; and hard, which is the loudest sound.

The Waves BSS BumpBox gives you 16 different kinds of portamento control. You can control the speed of the portamento, which ranges from -8h to 9th. Below that, you get 16 different kinds of portamento behavior:

Waves Masstransformer plugin is the first plugin that I have used with the De-Esser plugin from Waves. With this plugin you can make your tracks sound smooth. Its a very good plugin if you dont have your own processor. It isnt as cheap as the Waves De-Esser. This plugin is used for many artists and many producers. You can make good sounding drums even if your drums dont sound that great on their own.

Waves Malstransformer is easy to use. It has several different modes for distortion and you can set the distortion levels for the mids, highs and lows. It has a preset mode in which you can set how much distortion you want.


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